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Hi Folks, welcome to PunkrockLinux!

PunkrockLinux is a complete OS with a lot of applications (especially multimedia stuff) that runs completely from CD- there is no installation on harddisc necessary.

Well, that's not really new. There is Knoppix and a lot of others.

Sure, but there is still something special about PunkrockLinux:

PunkrockLinux is not only dedicated to get people to think about free operation systems like Linux but to be a means to spread alternative music like Punkrock, Ska and whatever especially from unknown talents or upcoming bands. Or maybe some unknown tracks by Kung Fatitaph...who knows. However, this project is far from being a commercial one (and it's far from being perfect!). It's just for the fun of it and to teach you guys and gals out there that Punkrock and Linux fit together very well just like Bonnie & Clyde.

Quick Links
- Was ist Linux?
- Freie Lizenz GPL

- Releases / Screenshots
- Downloads

- Wiki: Hilfe,
--Tipps & Tricks

- Wallpaper
- Banner
- Impressum / Kontakt

The Project

We're looking for people
- who'd like to offer PunkrockLinux for download
- who want to promote PunkrockLinux: musicans, fanzines, labels or webmasters

And we're looking for your music so send us the tracks that you want to find on the next PunkrockLinux-release.
Please send your tracks (.wav, mp3 or .ogg) to the (email-) adresses indicated in the imprint.
It has to be "alternative" music like punkrock, ska... and it has to be your own.